Correlation is NOT Causation!

Book review of “InSecurity: Why a Failure to Attract and Retain Women in Cybersecurity Is Making Us All Less Safe”. A special, “International Women’s Day” edition 😊

By Eh’den Biber



Prologue – why the hell do I write this review?

Everyone who works in the cyber / information security industry knows that there is current inequality of outcome with regards to the numbers of women vs. men in the field.

Jane Frankland new book, however, goes beyond that fact and claims that this is a problem.

Jane claims that we, as an industry, prefer to try and solve our cyber security problems via technology, that we tend to hire mainly males with a military, mathematical, or science background, that we need people who think differently, and women are the best candidates for that.

Now, who would argue against it, or, why the heck do I write the review?

I decided to review Jane’s book because the subject is important, and because I felt that the sources used to strengthen the argument in the book should be scrutinised for their accuracy.

We don’t really know what the best path to take in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence. We do know that our personal, organisational, and cultural survival depends on our ability to adjust ourselves to that unknown, that chaos, that is already here. My thoughts and comments on Jane’s book are in a hope that perhaps an integration of the information will occur, that the notion of diversity will be taken for the beauty, wonderful, and horrific elements they install. This is not a criticism of the intention of Jane, which I’m sure is driven by love, but because peer review is required. This is an attempt to get away from biases that control our frames of references, to experience beyond them. To seek the truth.


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